Our selection process

Our recruitment service is simply a better way of recruiting

When you ask us to find a new member of staff for your organisation we commit to the following:

For casual and permanent placements

  1. Visit your organisation (if it’s the first vacancy we are handling), to ensure we gain an appreciation of the company culture, environment and OH&S etc
  2. Take a full job brief and ‘person specification’ from you
  3. The details of the role are important, but equally important for us is knowing the type of person you are looking for
  4. Undertake an appropriate advertising campaign, using national jobs boards, social media etc
  5. Conduct a 150-point skills, right to work and relevant experience check
  6. Match candidates to your specific requirements and brief them about the job, to establish interest and commitment
  7. Conduct a detailed telephone and face-to-face interview with all candidates
  8. Fatigue management test all drivers
  9. Compile all right to work checks
  10. Licence checks

For permanent appointments, we will also:

  1. Produce a written candidate summary on each suitable candidate, using information gathered during the interview
  2. Provide you with a short-list, the candidate’s CV and our written candidate summary
  3. Arrange an interview programme at a time to suit you
  4. Liaise between you and each candidate through to job offer, acceptance and commencement on your payroll
  5. Post-placement follow-up with both you and the candidate
  6. Role-specific psychometric testing

Tailor-made Recruitment Service

It’s important that the service we provide fits your needs as precisely as possible, so we’ll gladly tailor a package for you. For example, we can:

  • Recruit for multiple sites, in one co-ordinated recruitment campaign
  • Work to your clearly defined Service Level
  • Agreements, quality measures and controls
  • Provide on-site training and/or inductions